True Accelerationism. Niggers are Whitey's Personal Trainer

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1.JohnQWhiggerLvl33 » Mon Dec 30, 2019 4:31 pm

I was going to make a Bitjew video about this but decided to just post it:

The Alt-kike likes to throw around the term accelerationism to sound intellectual and do podcasts in front of their bookshelves :roll: but most of the ones that do aren't true accelerationists. 33rd Degree White Nationalism is the logical conclusion that every sensible person will come to after spending a couple years (at most) trying to help whiggers. And that is that most whiggers don't deserve to be helped, don't want to be and aren't fit to live in a healthy world. True accelerationism is action applied to this concept.

The video I was going to make was going to be Channon Christian, and Christopher Newsome along with what I'm calling Whitey's personal trainers from now on. The famous picture of Christopher Newsome in his Tennessee Volunteers cap (I guess he was a nigger ball fan) and some guys who didn't make the team and decided to take up Whigger Culling as a sport instead.

I am calling them personal trainers because I was reading a New York Times article that some "movement" figure was celebrating all the kosher racism among Trump supporters. Basically the NYT's was blowing smoke up everybody's ass to get them excited about the 2020 dog and pony show. But it had this plump fat whigger pictured selling Trump gear. It reminded me of a pig fattened up for the slaughter. Kind of like the white race. None of us can honestly say that this is the type of white man who conquered the world. Whitey isn't what he used to be. Our personal trainers (if true accelerationists have their way) will have us back at our fighting weight. Nobody wants to be the fat though. But somewhere under all of it, I think that man or that race is still there. A true accelerationist wants more of that kind of thing and legally, because obeying our enemies rules is the key to success, needs to do what they can and are willing to do to speed up the process. But the race war, or helter skelter is a sport for the masses.

Jews don't want this because kikes like Tabitha will be swept up in it. Blacks see them as whiggers, and the ones that don't would actually prefer a kike as a target. Zog piggies too. There are probably some of you now who's family is in need of a good work out :lol: But that's my white pill as far as alt-kike jargon.

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